ConChord 19
The Southern California Filk Convention
August 26-28, 2005 (last weekend in August)
Warner Center Marriott
(Woodland Hills, California)

Hotel:  The Warner Center Marriott (Topanga Canyon exit off the 101)
21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 1 818-887-4800        Fax: 1 818-340-5893
$105/room (plus $8/day to park a car)

Here are two alternate links to the hotel: this one, or this one.

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Guest of Honor: Three Weird Sisters.
Some fine, complex harmonies. See their webpage at or
Difficult to Describe Poet Guest of Honor: Les Barker.
I'm not even going to try to describe Les Barker. Instead, I'd suggest that you read
A short biography from the Age of three until nearly teatime.
and then visit his homepage. or maybe it's really what it claims to be: his dog's kennelpage: Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises
Toastmaster: Larry Niven.
See for Larry's biography and the Known Space future history.
Or Google for more webpages about Larry Niven.
Interfilk Guests: Martin and Andrea Gordon-Kerr
Andrea plays piano, keyboards, and flute, Martin plays bass guitar, sax, drums, and clarinet, and both sing.
More details at
Or visit their song archive.
Folk Guest of Honor: Joe Bethancourt.
Joe plays over 50 different instruments, and if you haven't heard him play the banjo you have missed a treat.
Joe's biography is online, he also has a webpage with the words to his songs.
Special Guest: James Lee Stanley.
Stanley is a singer-songwriter with over 15 CDs, spanning the Pop, Rock, Acoustic, and Jazz genres.
For more information, see his webpage.
The convention will include:
Concerts with our Guests and others Songwriting and Performance Workshops
The Totally Tacky and Tasteless Revue A very special Kid Friendly Area
One Shots! A songbook
Open Filk Circles 24 hours a day Regular LAFA attendees, other LA area filkers, and other filkers from up and down West Coast and elsewhere
Friday Night Reception

We also have guides to Restaurants Within Walking Distance of the Hotel
and Transportation To/From the Hotel

Pre-registration is
Through Consonance   $30.00
Through July 31   $35.00
At the Door   $40.00
Daily rates
Friday $20.00
Saturday $20.00
Sunday $10.00
supporting rates
      (including songbook)
to be determined.

Send checks to:
Zen Nine Productions
P.O. Box 61172
Pasadena, CA, 91116
Or contact John & Mary Creasey for information on how to pay by credit card.
Or buy a membership face-to-face from Nick Smith, John & Mary Creasey, or Lee Gold

Con Chair — Nick Smith:
Programming — Rod O'Riley
Dealer Room — John & Mary Creasey of Random Factors:
Songbook Publisher — Lee Gold:

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For a list of other filk conventions, see Kay Shapero's When/Where's the Next Filk Con?.

Last change: November 19, 2006.