ConChord 20
The Southern California Filk Convention
August 17-19, 2007
Warner Center Marriott
(Woodland Hills, California)

Hotel:  The Warner Center Marriott (Topanga Canyon exit off the 101)
21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 1 818-887-4800        Fax: 1 818-340-5893
Room rate: $109 per night. You can keep the room at the convention rate if you want to have a longer vacation and tour Los Angeles. Check with the Marriot for details.

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Guest of Honor: Tanya Huff.
Professional writer and filksinger.
See for her biography and for her bibliography.
Interfilk Guest: Andrea Dale
Andrea sings and plays guitar at bookstores and coffeeshops. Her songs have been covered by Graham Leathers among others, and her "Magic Carpet" was nominated for a Pegasus award in 1995.
Spoken Word Guest of Honor: Tom Digby
Tom's poetry and prose has been amazing and delighting fans since he first published "Little Teeny Eyes" in APA L in 1966. Tom isn't easily describable except to say that his songs and poems and prose take the listener to a world that's plausibly somewhere if you grant his premises, which aren't findable on Mapquest. To best get a sense of the strange ideas that come out of Tom's mind, visit his website. If you've never before encountered Tom in print, in person, or on the web, take the scenic route.

Be sure to read some of his poetry, including The Speech, Arithmetic Lesson, Convention Report, Hospital Parking Only, Alternate Routes, and Meter Madness. After you've browsed through his poetry for a while, you might try reading some back issues of his E-Zine, Silicon Soapware.

The convention will include:
Concerts with our Guests and others Songwriting and Performance Workshops
A wedding, planned for Saturday afternoon. Richard Creasey and Devon (sometime hostess of the Consonance Con Suite) will be getting married.
A special concert as part of the wedding. Expected performers:
The Totally Tacky and Tasteless Revue A very special Kid Friendly Area
One Shots! A songbook
Open Filk Circles 24 hours a day Regular LAFA attendees, other LA area filkers, and other filkers from up and down West Coast and elsewhere
Friday Night Reception

Registration is
Through March 31   $30.00
Through July 31   $35.00
At the Door   $40.00
Daily rates $20.00 (Friday daily includes the Friday Night Reception)
supporting rates
      (including songbook)
to be determined.

Send checks to:
Zen Nine Productions
P.O. Box 61172
Pasadena, CA, 91116
Or contact John & Mary Creasey for information on how to pay by credit card.
Or buy a membership face-to-face from Nick Smith, John & Mary Creasey, or Lee Gold


Some of our members have been kind enough to provide photos they took at Conchord.
Kay Shapero    The 2005 Kazoo awards (from Conchord 19)
Barney Evans    Photos from Conchord 20 (2007)
Kay Shapero    Photos from Conchord 20 (2007)

Con Chair — Nick Smith:
Programming — Rod O'Riley
Dealer Room — John & Mary Creasey of Random Factors:
Songbook Publisher — Lee Gold:

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