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Con-Chord 11

Filk Music Convention

September 29 to October 1, 1995

What is Con-Chord?

Primarily, a whole lot of fun. Con-Chord 11 is the eleventh Filk Music Convention to be held in Southern California. And filk, if you are unfamiliar with this strange word, is a name for the particular, or peculiar, branch of folk music devoted to science fiction, fantasy, and and the impact of technology (whether scientific or magical) on mankind. Con-Chord is a music festival which features "organized" programming from 7 PM to midnight Friday, noon to midnight Saturday, and noon to 5 PM Sunday. Any time in between is filled by the "unorganized" events: our function rooms are open and available 24 hours a day for singing, jamming, or whatever musical whim comes to mind. And don't miss the Dealer's room!

Who Will Be There?

The Filk Guests of Honor will be the Duras Sisters, the a capella trio from Phoenix, AZ. Consisting of Chris Dickenson, Elizabeth Burnham and Debbie Baudoin, they released their first CD, Masquerading as Human, on the Dandelion Digital label last year.

Our Special Music Guest is Windbourne, the musical quartet from San Diego. Rilla Heslin, Harold Groot, Kathy Ring and Karen Rodgers have long been fixtures on the local filk scene. As a group, Windbourne has been performing on the San Diego folk circuit for several years. They have two filk tapes released, Echoes on the Wind and To Touch a Dream.

The Toastmasters are two very special people, Chris and Karen Wilson-Weber. Filk veterans and founding fathers of LAFA, Con-Chord and Kushyon's Flyte House, their Filk talents have been sore missed for several years as they have devoted themselves to building their screenwriter careers. We welcome them back to Con-Chord with open arms (and ears).

Register in Advance for These Special Programs

Insta-bands: Preregister your interest in being part of an instant band formed at the Con. Band assignments will be given Friday night, with performances Sunday afternoon. Indicate your specific talents: instrument(s) played, lead or back-up vocals.

Arts & Crafts Workshops (for children of all ages): Bead Jewelry (Part I, Making Paper Beads, & Part II Making Jewelry using paper, plastic, wooden and other beads); Funny Hats; and Decorated Masks. Materials fee: $5.00 per child (young or old) per workshop. Pre-register for all three for only $10.00! Adult Bead Workshop: Bead and filk (listen) late night at the back of a filk room. Materials fee: $5.00 per person.

Where is Con-Chord?

Con-Chord 11 will be held at:
The Van Nuys Airtel Plaza Hotel
7277 Valjean Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Telephone: 818/997-7676
Convention room rates are $75 sgl/dbl/tpl/quad, or $85 for a mini-suite (sgl/dbl w/refrigerator and wet bar). Be sure to call by September 10 to make your reservations!

How do I get there?

By car: Take the San Diego Fwy (I-405) to the Sherman Way exit in Van Nuys. Go West on Sherman Way approximately 3/4 mile to Valjean Avenue. Turn right on Valjean, and immediately left into the Hotel. Parking is free.

By air via Burbank-Glendale Airport: Airtel Plaza has a reduced rate contract with Prime Time shuttle service. Call 800/262-7433 for advance reservations, or contact them at the airport for pickup bwettween 8 AM and 10 PM. Fare per person is $9.00 one-way.

By air via LAX: Take the Van Nuys Flyaway bus ($6.00 round-trip, $3.50 one-way) from the ground transportation area. At the Van Nuys terminal, call the Airtel for free shuttle service.

By air via Van Nuys Airport: contact the Van Nuys tower at 119.3 or 120.2 MHz for landing clearance. After landing, call Van Nuys Ground Control and request taxi instructions to the Airtel. Light airplane tie-down spaces are available adjacent to the Airtel. Special Discount Offer: Bring a copy of your flight plan to registration, and receive $1 off your membership for each 1,000 meters of cruise altitude. For a free membership (i.e., over 30,000 meters), your NORAD radar trace or USAF intercept recording will be accepted in lieu of an FAA flight plan.

How do I join Con-Chord?

A full 3-day attending membership is $30 to (postmarked by) 5 September, 1995. It will then be $35 pre-registered or at the door. Daily memberships will be sold at the door: $12 Friday, $20 Saturday, $8 Saturday Concert (on sale after 7 PM) and $15 Sunday. Pre-register now for the lowest rates! For more information, or to preregister, contact
Con-Chord 11
c/o Rick Weiss
13261 Donegal Drive
Garden Grove, CA 92644-2304.
Telephone 714/530-3546 (before 10 PM, please.)
Please make all checks payable to Rick Weiss.
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