ConChord 13

Southern California's Filk Convention

Van Nuys Airtel Hotel
October 2-4, 1998
Guest of Honor: Mary Ellen Wessels
Toastmaster: Kathy Mar
Interfilk Guest: Steve Simmons
Special Guest: Joanna Cazden

Conchord 13 is over. See conchord14 for info on the next conchord.

What is Filk Music?

Our Guests:

Mary Ellen Wessels is a well known Midwest filker. Her first solo album is Current Obsessions. She is a member of the Black Book Band, and has appeared on numerous convention and anthology albums.

Kathy Mar is from the San Francisco Bay area. She shares credit for the album Made by Magic with British filker Zander Nyrod. She has also appeared on many convention and anthology albums.

Steve Simmons is our Interfilk guest this year, and a member of the Dorsai Irregulars. Interfilk is a fan fund to send guests to conventions where they would not normally be able to go, frequently one of the better performers from a region that has not performed in the area they are going to.

Joanna Cazden has published several albums. Her latest CD Living Through History is about social issues from many times in a variety of musical styles.

Programming and activities

Quite a few things happen at our friendly little convention:

A few pictures from last years con are available online.


Advanced memberships for the full convention are $30 until September 25. At the door membership will be $35 for the full convention, $12 Friday only, $15 Saturday only, $12 Sunday only.

Make checks payable to Zen Nine Productions and send along with your name, address, and email address to:

Zen Nine Productions
P.O. Box 61172
Pasadena, CA 91116


We're back to enjoy the Van Nuys Airtel Plaza for the third time. The sound insulation is good, you can't hear the (general aviation) airport next door from inside. There is a resteraunt, swimming pool, and 3 spas. Besides standard rooms, both small and full size suites are available. (Call the hotel for details and rates.) When making your reservation, please mention ConChord. Room Rates: $84 for one to four people sharing a room

7277 Valjean Ave.
Van Nuys, CA

Getting Here:

Shuttles are available at reasonable cost from both Burbank Airport and LAX. From I405, take the Sherman Way West exit and go about 1 mile to Valjean. Turn right on Valjean and left into the first driveway. The main parking area is behind the hotel. Parking is free, the hotel is on the corner of Valjean and Sherman Way.

Additional info:

For more information, send email to: or write to the Zen Nine address above.

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