Restaurants Near WesterConChord

(As of June, 2010)
Note: Average temperatures near the hotel in early July: High: 90, Low 65.
That means that nighttime will be about 25 degrees colder than daytime. A sweater can be useful.

Addresses in Pasadena use a simple grid. North and South are counted from Colorado Blvd. East and West are counted from Fair Oaks. A difference of 100 in the street number is a distance of about one city block (most of the time). The Hilton is at 168 S. Los Robles.

[All distances and directions are from the Pasadena Hilton. $=cheap, $$=moderate, $$$=expensive]

A'Float Sushi, 87 East Colorado Boulevard, (626) 792-9779, 0.5 mi NW
Sit and watch the sushi go by in little boats. You pay for what you grab. Really. $$-$$$.
Azeen's Afghani Restaurant 110 East Union Street, (626) 683-3310, 0.5 mi NW
Yes, distinct Afghani cuisine. This may be your only chance. $$
Burger Continental, 535 S. Lake Ave. (626) 792-6634, 0.7 mi SE
No way to explain this place, just go if you like either burgers or Middle Eastern food. Recommended. $-$$.
California Pizza Kitchen, 99 N. Los Robles. (626) 585-9020, 0.3 mi N
Pizza and salads are their specialties. $$
Camille's Sidewalk Café, Paseo 1st level, facing Green Street, (626) 440-1212, 0.2 mi NW
Pizzas, salads and sandwiches. $$
Cold Stone Creamery, Paseo 2nd level. 0.2 mi NW. Not cheap, but good ice cream.
El Portal Restaurant, 695 East Green Street, (626) 795-8553, 0.3 mi NE
Yucatan Mexican cuisine, recommended. $$
Islands Restaurant, Paseo, 2nd level (626) 304-9050 0.2 mi NW
$$. Upscale burgers.
Juice It Up!, Paseo, 1st level on Colorado, just west of Los Robles. 0.2 mi NW. $
King Taco, 45 North Arroyo Parkway, (626) 792-0405, 0.5 mi NW
Cheap, filling Mexican fast food, a bargain at their prices. $.
La Fiesta Grande, 624 East Colorado Boulevard, (626) 795-5577 0.3 mi NE
It's been around for ages, family-style Mexican restaurant. $$
La Grande Orange Cafe, Historic Del Mar Train Depot, 260 S Raymond Ave, (626) 356-4444, 0.4 mi W
W/Th/F 7AM-10PM, Sat 10:30-10, Sun 10:30-9. $$-$$$
McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant, 111 North Los Robles Avenue, (626) 626-7668 0 .3 mi N
Reservations suggested. Lunch and dinner. $$$.
Naga Naga Ramen, 49 E. Colorado, (626) 585-8822, 0.6 mi NW
Traditional Japanese noodles with lots of international variations. Recommended. $$
O2 Sushi, 245 E. Colorado Blvd. (626) 844-0231, 0.3 mi NW
Good sushi and sake, limited other items. Very new, but good so far. $$-$$$.
Porto Allegre, Paseo 2nd level. (626) 744-0555, 0.2 mi NW
Brazilian barbecue. $$$
Rotisserie Chicken of California, 26 North Los Robles Ave, (626) 405-0365- 0.3 mi N
Chicken dishes, generally under $10, 7AM-3:30 PM; closed Saturday & Sunday. $$
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill, Sunday closes at 8 PM Paseo 2nd level (626) 535-9383 0.2 mi NW
$$. For fast food, it's not bad at all.
Sachi Sushi Restaurant, 694 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA, (626) 578-1877, 0.4 mi NE
Recommended. $$-$$$
Souplantation, 201 South Lake Avenue, (626) 577-4797 0.4 mi E
Chain restaurant, cheap if you're hungry, all you can eat. $$
Sushi of Naples, 735 East Green Street, (626) 578-1123, 0.4 mi E
Lunch and dinner. Sushi and other Japanese fare. $$-$$$
Thai Dishes Restaurant, 239 East Colorado Boulevard, (626) 304-9975 0.3 mi NW
Good, inexpensive Thai food. Recommended. $$
Tibet Nepal House, 36 E. Holly St., (626) 585-0955, 0.6 mi NW
Distinct from Indian, but somewhat similar food. Very much worth the extra walk. Recommended $$
Tiffany's, 263 E. Colorado, (626) 795-8526, 0.3 mi NW
Good, cheap sandwiches, pastries, good assortment of soft drinks, juices and teas in bottles. Ice cream, too. $
Tokyo Wako, Paseo 2nd level. (626) 440-0670, 0.2 mi NW
Good Japanese cuisine. $$+, depending on what you like.
White Hut, 26 South Madison Avenue, (626) 795-2575, 0.2 mi NE
Cheap, been there for years, weekdays only, breakfast & lunch only. $
Yahaira's Cafe, 698 East Colorado Blvd, (626) 844-3254
Mexican-based very tasty food. 0.4 mi NE
Mostly breakfast and lunch. $$
Yard House Pasadena, Paseo, 2nd level. (626) 577-9273 0.3 mi NW
Open later than most restaurants, but noisy. $$

Pasadena has the highest per-capita number of restaurants in the civilized world. This is just a sampling of ones you can walk to from the Hilton. If you want to browse, walk west to Fair Oaks and Colorado and you will find Indian, Japanese, Italian, South American and many other restaurants nearby—even a Cheesecake Factory.

The Paseo Pasadena is just north and west of the Hilton. All eateries marked Paseo are between Los Robles and Marengo, and between Green and Colorado, 2-4 blocks walking.

There is also a Gelsons supermarket in the Paseo, on Green near Marengo. Very few Pasadena restaurants are 24-hour, none close to the hotel.
—Nick Smith (with an assist from Lee Gold)