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A compilation of all of Dr. Jane's songs that Dr. Jim Robinson could find in his archives, plus a few that Lee Gold found from other sources, with illustrations. $10 plus shipping. Available as: List of songs in the songbook

Dr. Jane's Songs is still available for sale as of June, 2020, and will continue to be available as long as either Lee Gold or Barry Gold is alive and compos mentis.

NOTE: This is a book of lyrics only. There are no voice recordings, MIDI files, or anything else to listen to. Just black marks on real or virtual paper.

Buying... Price Weight
Paper songbook(2) $10 8 oz
CD(3) $10 3 oz
Paper songbook and CD $20 11 oz
Paper songbook mailed with a copy of Xenofilkia $11.50 10 oz
CD mailed with a copy of Xenofilkia $11.50 6 oz
Paper Songbook, CD, and a copy of Xenofilkia $21.50 13 oz
(1) Made in my desktop computer; No printing or label on the CD, a simple Avery self-stick label on the jewelbox.
(2) In manila envelope
(3) In jewelbox and bubble wrap mailer.

Shipping cost varies with the weight and destination.
Email Lee Gold and tell her what you want to buy and where you live, and she'll tell you how much shipping will cost and how much money to send.

Payment may be made by personal check, cash, or PayPal. Send checks and cash to:
Lee Gold 3965 Alla Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90066
Send PayPal payments to lee.gold@ca.rr.com. (Your payment will be debited the PayPal fee, which is 2.9% plus 30¢, plus an additional 2.2% if your original currency is not US$.)

Do Not send a PayPal payment to Lee as "send money to friends and family." You are paying for goods.

Who wrote the songs?
Dr. Jim says that Dr. Jane those songs
by Lee Gold

On the last Saturday of October, 2021, I got an email from an old fannish acquaintance triggered by a recent Pegasus Award -- Best Classic Filk Song -- to “Nessie, Come Up” by Dr. Jane Robinson. The fannish acquaintance asked if this award should have gone not to “Dr. Jane Robinson” but to “Dr. Jim Robinson.”

I sighed and wrote a somewhat complex reply, with a BCC to Dr. Jim. And then I called in Barry to proofread my email before hitting SEND. Here’s what I emailed.

When I published Dr. Jane's Songs (2012), I asked Dr. Jim Robinson what the title should be.

He said, "Jane wrote the songs. Nowadays I'm a man, and I still sing these songs, but I don't write songs anymore. I'm not the person who wrote those songs. Title the songbook 'Dr. Jane's Songs.'"

So that's what I titled the songbook.

For that reason, I wouldn't consider it accurate to "update" the songbook to being by "Dr. James Robinson."

List of Songs in the Songbook

We also have a Full Table of Contents for the Songbook.
Anthem to Bureaucracy
Aria in Ape-Flat Minor
At the Loch (1994)
At the Loch (1989)
A Battle with the Elements
Big, Bad Woman
The Blame Game
Cats Are Not Graceful
Chordata Chorale
Darwin's Story
Digga Digga Bone
The Disappearin' Archosaur Blues
The Empirical Strikes Back
Everlastin' Outcrop in the Sky
Flea Enterprise
For A While
Fossil Fever
The Graviportal Polka
The Great Cretaceous Hadrosaur Quartet
The Hagfish and the Lamprey
Have a Nice Day
The "I Don't Know It" Blues
I'm Gonna Call It "Brontosaur"
I'm in Love with Attila the Hun
Jam-Packed Crosstown Bus
Joy to the World
Labyrinthodont's Lament
A Look at Things that Don't Exist
The Mesozoic Food Chain Rag
Movin' the Bones
The Muscles of the Kittycat
My Lady's Only Human
My Own Best Friend
Nessie, Come Up
Only Human
The Origin of Life Drinking Song
Out of the Clear Blue Sky
The Overflowing Catbox Blues
The Paleontologist and the Astrophysicist
Pound Foolish
The Preacher and the Prof
Quetzalcoatlus's Hymn
Sexy Rexy
Sitting' Here Picking My Nose and Thinkin' of You
Song of Jack the Ripper
Song of the Middle Manager
Songs of the Phyla
The Systemantic Classification March
That Everlastin' Outcrop in the Sky
Tyrannosaur's Lullaby
That Everlastin' Outcrop in the Sky
We Can't Find (the Creature in Loch Ness)
What Can I Do?
When Brontosaurs Fall in Love
Who Owns the Bones?

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