FILKER UPs are filksong anthologies, chiefly by Lee Gold. Lee publishes a bimonthly filksong magazine called XENOFILKIA, which often includes one of her own songs. But when she's in good form, she writes at least one song a month. She saves her best songs for publication in FILKER UP, which is also the forum in which she publishes her favorite, previously unprinted songs by her friends and acquaintances.

There are six FILKER UPs, each containing 44 pages of filksongs, 5 ounces. They cost US$3 plus postage: currently US$1.42 US Book Rate for the first pound plus 45 cents for each additional pounds. Non-US rates are currently US$2.70 to Canada, $3.80 to Europe, $4.05 to Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and $4.95 to Hong Kong and Singapore for the first pound.

Lee can accept both U.S. and foreign currency, but can only accept checks in US$. For people who don't have US$ checking accounts, Lee recommends sending either US$ travelers checks or Postal Money Orders or PayPal to Lee Gold's account (your payment will be debited the PayPal fee, which is 2.9% plus 30¢). If you can't easily arrange for any of these, contact Lee and she may be able to help.

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There is now an index of the six issues of FILKER UP (so far) of filker up.

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