The Filksong Manual was published by Bruce Pelz in four parts, starting in 1965

The Filksong Manual is still available for sale as of June, 2020, and will continue to be available as long as either Lee Gold or Barry Gold is alive and compos mentis.

TitleLyrics byPage
Ballad of Rhysling, TheRoger Scime92
Big Red Cheese, The 6
Bouncing PotatoesPoul Anderson86
Bradbury Hate Song, TheRay Beam et al.91
Capt. Future Meets Gilbert & SullivanS. & V. Schultheis69
Childish Edda, ThePoul Anderson & Ron Ellik2
Clone, Clone of My OwnRandall Garrett19
Corduroy TrousersTed Johnstone21
Coward's Song, TheRon Ellik38
DefenestrationTom Digby33
DNQ Rally Song, TheBruce Pelz20
Duke of Normandy, TheRandall Garrett64
Fan Hill Chantey, TheBruce Pelz32
Friar John's SongJM Myers/Bruce Pelz14
Gem CarrCaughran, Harness, Johnstone, Pelz, & Wheatley89
Gilbert & Sullivan parodies26-31, 34, 69
Grand CanalRobert Heinlein/Bruce Pelz24
Green Hills of Earth Robert Heinlein/Bruce Pelz8
Green LeavesJM Myers/Bruce Pelz12
How Are Things in Tiajuana?Ted Johnstone17
I Don't Understand the ArisiansBruce Pelz25
I Remember Gaudy Days JM Myers/Gordon Dickson,16
"Jesse James" parodies 2-6
Jesus Christ 5
Kinnison's BandO'Connor/Poul Anderson94
LASFS Marching Song, TheBruce Pelz104
Lay of Gil-Galad, TheLen Bailes62
Lilting Song of Lazarus LongRandall Garrett19
Little John's SongJM Myers/Bruce Pelz12
Little Teeny Eyes: penultimate verseLee Gold36
Little Teeny EyesTom Digby37
Look Back to the Futurians In Anger Nick Falasca41
Mad Scientists' SongDonald Franson27
Mimeo Crank ChanteyTed Johnstone22
My Fair FemmefanCarl Brandon et al.51
Nazgul King of AngmarJohn Boardman98
News From BabylonDon Marquis/Bruce Pelz82
No More FansBruce Pelz63
OE Almost-ElectBruce Pelz30
Oh, No, John!Randall Garrett, Karen Anderson88
Old Fan's Song, TheBruce Pelz99
Old Man ZeusJM Myers/Bruce Pelz14
Orcs' Marching Song, TheGeorge Heap, Karen Anderson, et al.4
Orpheus's SongJM Myers/Gordon Dickson,16
Pattersong For... Guess Who?, ALen Bailes30
Paving the Road To HellBruce Pelz31
Quarter Million Sunsets Worth of Lonely Tom Digby61
Replying We Sing...Bruce Pelz28
Rowing Song, TheJM Myers/Bruce Pelz, Ted Johnstone10
Secret MastersBruce Pelz85
Shottle BopTom Digby80
Show Stopper #1Ted Johnstone, Bruce Pelz31
Show Stopper #2Poul Anderson68
Silverlock Songs 10-18
Sir Fanalot's LamentBruce Pelz7
SlanRandall Garrett66
Slanshack Called Lab DuquesneLen Bailes36
Song of the Dusk RidersBruce Pelz102
Song of the WSFS, Inc., TheNick Falasca40
Taliesin’s SongJM Myers/Bruce Pelz18
Talking FAPA BluesKaren Anderson93
Tedron's SongTed Johnstone/Bruce Pelz39
This Old Fan&nbps;101
Tic-Tock, the Thirteen ClocksLee Gold23
This Deep Young FanDonald Franson26
Trading Song, TheLes Gerber90
Travelling TrufenTed Johnstone96
Trufan's Marching SongRon Ellik et al.101
Trufandom Is a Way of LifeBruce Pelz42
Two Hundred Million Million Miles Tom Digby60
Umbraak'mBruce Pelz34
What Can the Matter Be?Don Simpson100
Widsith's SongJM Myers/Bruce Pelz, Ted Johnstone10
Xingu's SongLen Bailes23
Young Man Mulligan 43
Young QuickbeamLee Gold62