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A compilation of all the songs written by Cynthia McQuillin that Dr. James Robinson and Lee Gold and Mary Creasey and Harold Stein and Bob Kanefsky and Alan Thiesen and Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover could find in 2013 with illustrations. It includes 470 pages of song lyrics, with some sheet music. For each piece of sheet music, there is also an accompanying MIDI file for those who don't (easily) read sheet music. Some songs were published multiple times with different lyrics and/or sheet music; we have provided all known variants for those songs. The Table of Contents includes clickable links to the songs. When one song references another, the reference is also clickable.

NOTE: This is a book of lyrics and sheet music. We have provided MIDI files for the sheet music, but there are no voice recordings of Cynthia or anybody else singing the songs.

The Cynthia McQuillin Songbook is still available for sale as of June, 2020, and will continue to be available as long as either Lee Gold or Barry Gold is alive and compos mentis.

$10 plus shipping. Available as a Home-burned DVD (.doc and .pdf, color illos) No printing or label on the DVD, just an Avery self-stick label on the jewelbox. Shipped in a jewel box inside a padded envelope inside a 9"x12" envelope. This probably won't fit into a small or medium post office box.

Shipping cost varies with the weight and destination. Ask Lee how much it will cost to ship the songbook to you.

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DVD $10
DVD + Xenofilkia $11.50

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